Why I Support the Villages of Hope

Marithza Ross, Board Member

As a new board member of The Villages of Hope, I’ve come to see it as more than just a housing plan; it’s a blueprint for recovery. That’s why I’m proud to offer my support in this role.

To me, hope means instilling the confidence to believe in one’s ability to recover. Life often presents us with challenges, and that fight isn’t merely enduring the battles, but rather how the experience persists in our thoughts long after the actual events have passed. It’s about acknowledging that the darkness lingers, affecting us deep down inside.

I believe that our purpose in life is to simply be there for others. The more of us who share even a bit of goodness, the more people we can support.

While we may not personally know the women who come to The Villages of Hope, nor the full extent of their hardships, I want to extend a heartfelt welcome whenever they are ready. I want them to feel that their worth is not defined by their struggles and to see that there is an entire community of compassionate individuals standing by, ready to support them in every aspect of their recovery journey—physically, mentally, and emotionally.