The State of Florida is Taking Action to Combat Human Trafficking

human trafficking survivor holding sign that says it is time to talk about it

The State of Florida is taking decisive action to combat human trafficking. This announcement demonstrates a commitment to safeguarding human dignity and justice.

In a press release from the office of Governor Ron DeSantis, the governor announced an allocation of $4.9 million from the 2024–2025 budget to expand access to emergency beds for victims of human trafficking. Reflecting on this news reminds me that this harsh reality exists in our communities. While the allocation of funds and resources is commendable, it’s essential to pause and remember the human faces behind the statistics and budget lines. These individuals, regardless of how they found
themselves in trafficking, have suffered unspeakable abuse and their stories are often left untold.

Human trafficking is a crime that preys upon the vulnerable, exploiting their dreams and dignity. Villages of Hope’s mission aims to provide a place of refuge, healing, and restoration by a safe place to live, and a community of care and unconditional love.

Help Villages of Hope bring light to the shadows of these women who are seeking a life free from trafficking, addiction, and exploitation.

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Marithza Ross